Here are some frequently asked questions to help you enjoy our site.

How can I cancel my subscription? 

If you signed up through CCBill, click here and look for the button that says "Cancel My Membership"
If you signed up through ibill, click here and request a membership cancellation. Enter your email address, user name, password, subscription number and transaction number. This information was given to you when you signed up.

My username or password doesn't work. 

 Is your caps lock on? Usernames and passwords are case-sensative. Make sure it is entered exactly as you entered it when you signed up

I cannot view the video clips.  

Do you have the most currrent media player? Sometimes older players don't play the newer video clips. You can go to and download the newest version of your favorite video player. Look for the free downloads! 
 If all else fails, email us at [email protected] and tell us the problem. we'll be glad to help!